membership is always free for indigenous communities, economic development offices and nonprofits in the indigenous sector.

We also offer discount membership to Indigenous-owned for-profit entities looking to enter the emerging tech space.

Membership includes access to our educational materials and webinars, access to our events, a listing in our member directory, as well as consulting services with our advisory board.

Here are a few ways we can help.

  • General education: What technologies currently exist? How could existing technology help your community?

  • Consultation and Review: If someone has approached you about a project, or there is a specific use case you’ve been looking to apply, we can look over the proposal and help you determine if it’s the right fit. 

  • Implementation: What infrastructure is necessary? Do band members need to be trained to use it? 

  • Referral: If requested, and when appropriate, we can refer to trusted professionals within our network. We will always be transparent about who we know and how we know them, and with full disclosure of any financial ties prior to the introduction.