What We Do

First, what we don’t do;

We are strictly use case. We are not developing any technology, because we don’t want to be in a situation in which we have something to sell.

We are a filter layer. We want companies to start working with Indigenous communities, but we also want to ensure that those companies are working in the spirit of collaboration, not colonization.

Our role in this is to provide access to the knowledge required to have these conversations on an even playing field.

Blockchain for Reconciliation is a membership organization funded through both private donations and membership fees.

Membership for Indigenous communities, non-profits with aligning values and EDOs are always free. To these communities we provide education on blockchain and other emerging technologies, as well as consulting from our advisory board on how they can implement this technology within their community.

To the tech community, we provide training on best practices for working with Indigenous communities, help creating a reconciliation mandate, and intermediary services for companies with fully developed tech.