Why Blockchain?

The first step towards using a tool is knowing that it exists. When so many communities don’t have access to basics like cell phone service, or internet, it’s easy to think that things like blockchain, AI or virtual reality are out of your grasp.

Indigenous communities are decades ahead in terms of thought, the only struggle has been in regards to implementation.

You don’t need to adopt past technology in order to implement future technology. While larger governments and institutions figure out how to integrate new systems into their old systems, you can just jump ahead.

Blockchain is just an immutable, distributed database. It’s a record of transactions that no one can alter, and everyone can see. It’s ideal for situations where you have to deal with a party that you don't know if you can trust.

There's no better argument for trustless systems than the relationship between Indigenous people and the Canadian government.

It may seem like adopting technology is a step in the wrong direction towards a return to traditional systems of governance and Indigenous knowledge, but it’s just a tool. From AI applications for language, to blockchain applications for tracking traditional medicines, there are infinite possibilities for how technology can be used to enhance and preserve Indigenous culture.